The Merged Seas

A thick smog cloud surrounded the town. High conic rooftops tried to rise above the smoke to take a breath. Uneven grey bricks and warped wood bulged from the sides of buildings, pushing themselves outwards as though they were trying to tear the rest of their buildings down. They were houses standing against themselves. Houses from different ages, all with different views of the same world, different views of the same people. ~Burning Bridges Part 1: Morose Memories

Books by Pete Draper

Between the Rock and Cloud (Free to Download)

Beside the Rock and Cloud

When Berserkers hunt, blood shall spill

It has never been more dangerous to sail Beside the Rock and Cloud

“Soldiers are like a slab of meat, those in charge take the best bits out of you and leave the gristle behind for times of peace.” ~Lynch

Thanks to @koumrnd for the artwork for this


Pete Draper is from Sheffield, Yorkshire in the UK. He graduated from The University of Sheffield with a degree in mathematics and is the author of the Merged Seas books, a set of adult grimdark fantasy books set in the gaslamp world of the Arrizean and Green Seas. It is a place where territories change often and the wars never end.

While at University he wrote game reports for the Sheffield Sabres and various other things for the website along with playing on the offensive line; he has probably been hit in the head a few too many times.

Many years ago, in a previous life, he used to write music and lyrics for punk, emo and hardcore bands, while singing and playing bass guitar.